Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i dont post much, but i really wanted to brag about how much i accomplished today. and its only 2pm.

-finished and handed in my final draft for fiction writing
-finished and posted my website for web design :
-finished and handed in my final music project
-officially declared an english minor
-got into the honors film class so i can declare a film minor

all thats left of finals week is:
-write extensive notes for my open note media research class at 2 tomorrow
-study and take my web design final at 5:30 tomorrow
-drink heavily
-pack, clean, leave.

sometimes, when the mood is just right, i rock.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Babies dresses as iconic film characters:

From so yes, it's hand made.

From Seriously, this is my new favorite thing ever.

*Edit 12/17*

I need a kid to dress up STAT.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I had all four of my wisdom teeth ripped from my face on Friday. My original plan had been to find a ride (most likely with Lizconsin) to the oral surgeon and back and spend the weekend hiding out in my room. That way I wouldn't have to lug any of my stuff home (movies, laptop, clothes), I would have a capable support system on hand (Stephan, Liz, A15) and I'd be able to buy myself whatever accommodations I needed before hand (ice cream, soup) instead of relying on my parents for that.

However, (and there had to be a However) I was coerced by my mother to spend the weekend recovering at home. Home is where i receive as little sympathy as possible. Granted, this isn't a real serious surgery. This isn't life threatening or anything like that. But it fucking hurts. A lot. and my mom couldn't even splurge for a second bag of frozen peas to keep my face from swelling.

I've spent most of today fighting back tears because I'm tired, frustrated and in a lot of pain. I held off on my second to last hydrocodone (they only gave me 14, bastards) so I could drive Stephan to the train station.

Stephan, btw, is the greatest person ever. He spent his Saturday night and most of his Sunday lying in bed with puffy-faced me watching Man V. Food and other wonderful netflix goodies. He's my favorite.

But now, I'm stranded in Cherry Hill. I can't drive back to school on the meds (which are pretty shitty meds to begin with), and I'm still too sore and swollen to consider myself healed. And I've got a shit ton of stuff to do this week so it's not like I can take a day or two off. And I hate feeling this shitty in a house where I get shit for feeling shitty.


Monday, September 7, 2009


The Drinking Game

This is still a work in progress, feel free to comment with new rules.


Every time you question a directorial choice
Every time a joke doesn't get a laugh
For every musical number Allison isn't in
For every Nazi reference
Every time Stephan does something vaguely inappropriate
Every time Stephan rides the cherry picker
Jazz Hands
Whenever there is absolutely nothing going on on stage.
Every time there's sexual tension between:
-Lockstock/Little Sally


Don't Be the Bunny

Everytime Doug says 'bunny', the last person to make bunny ears has to drink

Act 1 Finale

Drink for every new piece of music while Allison sulks in the corner

Thursday, July 16, 2009

lame things that make me happy at work.


things that keep me from throwing myself off the 8th stor

(I'm racing against 3mg of melatonin, lets see how this goes...)

5. Staple removers that remove staples in one move, and in one piece. Who keeps buying these brittle staples?

4. Finding a rubber finger thing that fits perfectly AND doesn't make your finger sweat awkwardly.

3. Paper clips that aren't tangled. Its like a fucking barrel of monkeys. Anyone remember that game?

2. Neon mini post-its. They're snazzy!

1. Copy machines that staple AS THEY FUCKING COPY! Technology! It's mind blowing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

While folding mail yesterday, I started playing the movie game in my head. Pick an actor, name a movie the actor has been in, name another actor in that movie and so on.

I then turned it into the Steve Buscemi game.

Start with Steve Buscemi, name a movie he has been in, someone else in that movie, a movie they have been in and keep going for as long as you possible until you get back to Steve Buscemi again.

The longest I lasted was 78 links.

Then Liz turned it into 6 degrees of Steve Buscemi. She'd text me an actor and I'd try to link them to Steve.

Now I invite you to do the same.


Example: Tim Curry

Tim Curry
in Clue
with Madeline Kahn
in Young Frankenstein
with Cloris Leachman
in Spanglish
with Adam Sandler
in The Wedding Singer
with Steve Buscemi

Play along at home. We'll start with a classic: Kevin Bacon. I got to Steve Buscemi in 7 links (not counting Kevin and Steve). Can you do better?

Don't use IMDB, that's lame. Use your noodle, what else are you doing with it?

Friday, February 27, 2009

So I'm on a vegetarian kick for the past 2 weeks (save for a cunning chicken sandwich at Wawa. it was calling to me. i was weak). Last night I drank too many girlie drinks and woke up with a wicked hangover. As I walked home from class, I pondered my lunch options. I ended up hankering for patty melt. Ah, the patty melt. The love child of a grilled cheese and a hamburger. So I threw together a vegetarian friendly patty melt. It was the greatest thing ever.

Veggie Patty Melt
2 slices Ezekiel 4:9 bread, sesame
2 slices 365 organic colby jack cheese
1 Morning Star spicy southwestern black bean burger
Earth Balance soy vegan butter stuff
thinly sliced onion

cook the burger in a frying pan.

butter the bread.

when the burger is done, clean off the pan and arrange the sandwich, bread, cheese, onion, burger, onion, cheese bread.

cook until the cheese is melted and the the bread is crispy. so fucking good.

Did I just explain how to arrange and cook a patty melt? I think I did.

Today was the first time I used Earth Balance for a grilled cheese and it was wonderful. It actually cooked better than butter. And it's yummy. And its organic.